Who are we? A better question would be what do you see?

We wanted to start our very first post with an image; an image that is a part of who we are but not all of who we are.

In life, everything is about perspective; unless something is tangible, it is not real. What you see and what I see, neither of them holds anymore truth than the other but simply a matter of perspective.

Follow us through our journey in writing and in photography. We are eager to tell you a little bit about how we view ourselves but more importantly share what we are passionate about with those that are likeminded.

Together finding equanimity in all of our very blessed, exciting and sometimes chaotic life.

Now tell us, what is your first impression of Iris & Chris? Married? Single? Tell us everything!

Processed with MOLDIV

Image detail – Fashion & Lingerie

On Chris

  • Black Bra
  • Lace Bodysuit
  • Black Pants
  • White Straight Cut Blazer

Something similar – from a little more daring to a little more conservative

Black Lace Body by Else / Sheer Floral Lace Body by Forever 21 / Crochet Lace Top by Forever 21 / for an added flora top a Floral Sheer Body by Forever 21

White Suit Jacket by Topshop

On Iris

  • Black Lace Bra Top
  • White Highwaisted Wide Leg Trousers
  • Black or Nude Blazer

Something similar – from a little more daring to a little more conservation

Black Lace Bustier by Forever 21  paired with a black bra / The Lace Up Bralette by Victoria’s Secret / Black Lace Bralette by Victoria’s Secret  Crochet Lace Top by Forever 21 / Lace off the shoulder Bralette by Victoria’s Secret / a wide selections of different Bralettes by Intimissi

Wide Leg Trousers

White Wide Leg Trousers by Zara / White Wide Leg Tailored by Asos 

Blazer and Highwasited Trousers or Skirts are the perfect pairing for any lacy bra tops and fun bodysuits! Have fun pairing!

If you are so inclined to let us inspire you then please don’t forget to tag us at #equs when you are all dolled up in your outfits!

with love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx

Photo Apr 14

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