Chris in my eyes

I’ve known Chris for 8 years now, she went from being my boss, to my mentor, to a best friend and then pretty much the older sister I never had.

In my eyes she is someone that I could always rely on, someone that is classically beautiful with such a loving and kind heart for everyone. Her talent is beyond her beauty and her dedication to everything in her life. When Chris sets her mind on something, she will always give it her all.

Integrity, a word so important to me and a word I aspire to do fully everyday; Chris is definitely an example of that.

If we are nothing but the words we create then we are nothing other than the words we keep.

with grace & gratitude,

Iris xxx

2 thoughts on “Chris in my eyes

  1. I love how your first blog posts are all about eachother and how much you guys support eachother. Incredibly beautiful and inspiring. More women should be like this…..

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  2. Thank you!! We wanted to set the tone for Equs as a loving and supportive community. There’s so much love in this world, it’s crazy to me that the idea of supporting one another is not more prominent.
    It’s great to succeed but much greater (and way more fun) to succeed together.
    bisou bisou


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