Missed Our Flight!

There are friends for the good times, some for the bad times but the best kinds are the ones that are there for both!

So…our spontaneous trip has now been pushed back a few weeks because Iris’ passport was 2 weeks shy of the passport validity period. Yup clumsy Iris! –___–” Sorry Chris!

Even as a frequent traveller, Iris had no idea that in order to travel, your passport is required to have a 6 months non expiring period. Crazy, right? Who knew the last 6 months of your passport is essentially useless? Apparently not a lot of us! It seems Iris was not the only one who’s encounter this problem before as we gathered some tips from our friends all over the world.

The most important thing in life is learning from your mistake. So here’s a 6 point checklist we came up with before you travel:

  1. Check your expiry date

Make sure your passport has at least 6 months non-expired period.  For most countries they won’t let you in the country if you have less than 6 months. But there are some countries that will issue you temporary passport/ emergency passport if you have proof of travel or if it’s a life or death situation.

  1. Double check for visa

We know this seems like a silly one to put in, but if you hold multiple passport like us, sometimes you do forget if you need to apply for a visa or not before travelling. You can find this in most countries visa and immigration website.

  1. Inform your bank you travel dates

Let your bank know that you are travelling so that they won’t block your card. If the bank doesn’t know you are travelling and detect unusual activities, they will block your card. This can usually be done via internet banking (may vary between banks).

  1. And you staff number is…?

Make sure you have your check in staff number as a point of reference! We learnt this the hard way, when we were trying to rebook our flights. We told the airline our situation, but it was hard for them to follow up on what happened, as we did not take down the staff number. So we were stuck in a he said she said situation.

  1. Emergency number

Every country’s emergency number is different, so it is always good to find out before just in case you are in any trouble. We hope you never have to use it, but it is always handy to have it.

  1. Data, I love you

At this day and age data is so important. It helps you stay connected but most importantly you can access google map if you need to. So before you travel, it is worth finding out if it is cheaper to get a local sim card or using a data roaming plans from your carrier. If you are a frequent flyer and jet set to different countries all the time, it is worth checking out world sim.

And here are a few our packing essentials tips:

  1. More battery please.

Our extra battery pack is a must have in our bags. Why? Because smart phones are so handy now, we are constantly on it. Snapping pictures, going on instagram, playing our guilty pleasure games (Come on we all know you have one.) etc….   So the battery just gets drained so quickly, having a good extra battery is essential during your travels, how else are you going to take those super cute boomerangs and instagram photos? 😉

  1. Camera, Memory card, Action!

Have you ever tried taking a photo with your camera and realized that you left your memory card in your computer? Well, we have! And it is so frustrating. So always check you got your memory card and bring a back up just in case.

  1. Chargers & adapter plugs

Without this, your photo taking trip will also be ruined. So this is always one of the first thing we pack in our carry on. Why our carry on and not my check in luggage? If your bags get lost or delayed, at least you know you can charge your phone and battery pack.

  1. Keep me moisturized

When you are up in the air, your skin gets drier due to the lack of humidity in the air. So you will get dry lips, dry hands and dry face, which isn’t great. So if you have room in your carryon or bag, we would highly recommend carrying a lip balm, hand cream and a small moisturizer on the plane to keep your skin looking good. Just make sure it is below 100ml. (3.4 onces)

After a big lesson learnt thank goodness our friendship meant more to Chris than Iris’ mistakes. 😛

We’re happy to announce that although it sucked for us to have missed our trip today, our friendship is still intact. Zero scolding from the big sis! We even found a lot of up side to this little mishap.

with love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx

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