‘It is beautiful to be what you are’ – JPG

By now it probably comes as no surprise as to why I would choose this to be the first scent/bottle to depict my love for perfume.
JPG and I share the same passion for the female form, the femininity of the curves, the softness of the skin, every inch of the female body is beautiful and celebrated.

In this day and age a woman’s body almost feels foreign to ourselves, we get told by commercials, magazines, music videos and all different forms of media on how our body is suppose to be. Completely neglecting the fact that despite how many different body shapes we categorize the woman body; we are still different.

Although the JPG perfume embodies a slightly unrealistic hour glass female body form; he remains one of the pioneers in embracing the differences in humanity. Inviting ‘regular people’ of all shapes and sizes to be part of his fashion show.

Like all women, growing we get told a lot of thing, you are not skinny enough, you are not tall enough, you’re not girly enough or you’re too girly etc. I’ve even been told that it’s a bad idea to wear different perfumes all the time since that means you won’t have a ‘signature’ scent and that you won’t be remembered by your scent, who knew?! Naturally my slightly rebellious ways would say ‘why paint with one colour when you can paint with all?’ and shouldn’t there be more to remember about me other than my scent? Perhaps like most things in my life I do them selfishly for myself.

We use the term selfish, always with a negative connotation. It wasn’t until recent years that I decided for myself that selfish isn’t always bad. It’s ok to do things for yourself every now and then, being selfish doesn’t always mean you can’t also be selfless in other ways. It does not have to mean the same thing as being an inconsiderate jerk! Just an FYI 😜

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, been a little selfish and love yourself a little. Put on some perfume and dress up for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you what you ought to do or not to do. Love that body of yours like you mean it!

“Open you eyes and find beauty where you least expect it.” Jean Paul Gaultier

with love & quirks from hips that’s too big for an Asian body, a waist that’s too short for an already short Asian girl with a forever slightly chubby face,

Iris xxx

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