Married Life

I have recently met a few people who asked me the same question. “What it is like to be married?” Interestingly these people who have asked me this question are not just from girls, but from guys as well.

So here is my answer to that question. I love being married, I am very lucky to have met and married such a wonderful man, who makes me laugh and makes me feel loved every single day. When you are young, you think that once you get married you will get your fairy tale happy ending and live happily ever after.

Reality check – when you get married, you are entering a new chapter in life and it doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after if you don’t work at it. As much as I love being married and I love my husband with all my heart, marriage can be hard at times. It is about compromising, understanding and patience. No matter how alike you are with your partner, no two people will ever be on the same wavelength all the time. There will be time that you disagree with one another, argue or even find the other person unbearable, however you still love them despite all of that.

Here is a line from the film Crazy Stupid Love, which I think sums up about a married couple perfectly.


Cal: I have loved her even when I hated her…only married couples will understand that one….”


If you are lucky enough to find your soul mate or a person who is worth you giving it your all, do it. Remember to love them, not just for their good qualities but also for their bad, as that is what makes them who they are.

So here is my two cent about marriage.  What is yours?



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