YOUR suit! 

It’s all about finding the right suit for yourself! Women or men 🙂

Anyone could tell us that it’s hard to always love our body, even just between the moment we wake up to the moment after breakfast.  There are lots of things we can do to help with that: eat healthy, exercise or embrace the body God gave ya, but with summer right at our doorstep we might not have much time for the first two.

If you feel you are not bikini fit yet, fear no more we are here to show you a forth option: picking the right suit.  We are here to offer a little help in picking the right swimsuit for your body so that you can feel more confident than you already do.

The most important thing is about finding the part of your body that you love to flaunt and parts that wants just at little shade.  This is true for EVERYONE, even for supermodels.  We both have worked in the fashion industry long enough to know that even models don’t look good in everything.  So it is very normal that some items just doesn’t work for your body type and some makes you look like a million bucks.

Here’s a generic guide for a bit of visual aid.  However in all honesty no guides is ever as good as knowing YOUR own body like the back of your hands and we’ll talk a little more about it in the next 2 posts.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 10.48.25 PM


Neat hour glass

Neat Hour Glass following this generic guide, you would think most things would look great on this body type. We disagree! Because even an hour glass comes in all shapes and sizes, this is exactly why we advocate for knowing YOUR body not just your body type.

In our second post we will go into a little more detail about this body type.

As a general guide

We Want To

  • flaunt the curves


Celebrity in this body type: Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel.


Full Hourglass



Full Hour Glass

We Want To

  • flaunt your hourglass shape
  • minimise your thighs




  • constructed with good support
  • halter necklines are flattering and help you flaunts your assets


  • skirted bottoms
  • sarongs
  • normal bikini bottoms with good coverage, nothing that cuts too high or is too small

One Piece

  • even better if it’s Lycra Spandex giving more of a snug support all around

Celebrity in this body type: Kelly Brooks, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, Kate Winslet


Apple shape



We Want To

  • draw attention to bust and legs
  • minimize waist
  • if your stomach is your problem area, to give it good coverage.




One Piece – MOST IDEAL for the body type

  • especially with a nice constructed upper body
  • lycra spanned with some control
  • ruching towards the centre part of the body
  • dark colour side panels
  • empire waistline works great for your body type
  • control swimwear , such as miracle suit are a great option.


  • Something flowy to flatter your waistline
  • Empire waistline draws attention to your bust and not your waist
  • a great alternative you prefer wearing two piece instead of one piece
  • Go for an interesting neckline to draw attention to your bust area


Celebrity in this body type: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Liz Hurley and Drew Barrymore


Pear shape



We Want To

  • add some width to the upper body to create more of a balance with the lower body
  • show off that waist
  • add a little more fullness to your bust




  • off shoulder tops to widen the top half
  • wide neck tops
  • horizontal stripes to add the width to the upper body
  • inner halter tops broadens the shoulder


  • keep to solid bottoms to help minimise bottom
  • high cut bottoms to show off those legs

Celebrity in this body type: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, kelly Clarkson and Shakira.



Inverted triangle



Inverted Triangle

We Want To

  • add a little more to you hip to create more of a balance with the upper body
  • create a more defined waist




  • avoid lots of frills or design on top as it will add to the wideness of the upper body
  • avoid off shoulder style as that will make your top look wider
  • halter neck top with thick straps would flatter your shape


  • skirted bottoms or band design bottoms will add more volume to your hips to balance out your top
  • boy shorts or hipsters will help add more width to the hip therefore balancing the top half
  • print instead of solid to add width as well


Celebrity in this body type: Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and  Angelina Jolie.




Lean Column/Athletic

We Want To

  • create some curves





  • triangle tops
  • twisted bandeau or bandeau with a sweetheart neckline
  • bikini top with some lower cup padding to help gently direct the boobs to the centre to create more fullness


  • avoid boy shorts and hipsters, they are a bit on the masculine side will takes away the curves/softness we are trying to create
  • avoid high waist, without the curves, the high waist bottom can make you look like a boy wearing big briefs

One Piece

  • Monokini with cut outs will help create illusion of curves
  • one piece with frilled top detailing will give an illusion of a bigger bust
  • avoid straight necklines and stick to V shape or sweetheart to give illusion of cleavage

Celebrity in this body type: Kiera Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman.






We Want To

  • Add curves to a boxy frame, ruffles, ties, and girly bow details create volume and draw attention to your hips and bust.




  • ruffles and bow details create volume and draw attention to your chest.
  • Ruching and padding can also add volume to your chest.
  • Printed tops will draw the eyes to your chest instead of your waist.


  • Tie side bottoms will draw your eyes to your hips and add a little extra width.
  • Frilled bottoms will also add volume to your bottom.
  • Prints are also your friends, as they will draw attention to your hips instead of your waist.

One Piece

  • Monokinis and one piece suits that belt at the waist will help create curves.

Celebrity in this body type: Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani.


Non ‘Shape’ related (general) Tips!

Shorter Legs 

  • high cut bottoms to help elongate the legs


Little love for the Belly but love your Waist

  • printed high brief – brief will distract from belly and cutting will show off the waist


That’s all for the first post, it’s a lot of information to take in. Come back tomorrow for our second post!


With love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx





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