Know your Birthday Suit!

Like all girls we all grew up with some body issues, I for one had many of my own and I can honestly say it wasn’t easy. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why I was so drawn to fashion; because it was through fashion that I discovered that in moments where I don’t love my birthday suit, I can still find ways to love it, with fashion.

The generic guides are great but honestly what I found most helpful, was truly getting to know your body even if you are not at a point where you want to stand in front of the mirror naked.

Understanding your body is truly winning half the battle, noticing which part of your body you love the most and whats parts need a little more love.

Take us for example; remember we didn’t really talk much about the Hourglass  body? Well both of us can generally be categorised in this body group. Contrary to popular belief, having an hour glass body does not mean you are bullet proof to all swimsuits. It also doesn’t mean that our bodies are the same! In fact our body structure are interestingly different from one another. The same thing that looks good on Chris doesn’t necessary look good on Iris and here’s a few example.


High Waist Bottoms


Chris – Loves

Iris – Not so much


  • very short waist without too much definition – high waist bikini bottom will take cover the tiny bit of definition that is there and in turn taking away any curves on the body


  • has nice waist definition – high waist bikini bottom draws attention to my tiny waist  and more giving to areas above the hip, to cover up the love handles.


High Leg Cut

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.47.14 PM

Chris – Loves

Iris – Not so much


  • although I love my legs and the fact that they are short you would think that a high leg cut would look good on me (at least according to a generic guide) but my wide hips is not very giving. A high leg cut will attract more attention to my wide hips. So not only will it not make my legs look long


  • Funnily enough my legs aren’t my favourite asset, in fact my thighs are one of the part of my body that needs a little bit more love.  However high leg cuts works well for me because it draws the attention back up towards my waist and hips, and away from my thighs.  It also elongates my legs to make me look taller.



Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 5.52.11 PM.png

Iris – Loves

Chris – Not so much


  • fuller and rounder bum, so Cheeky help accentuate the fullness to add curves through side profile


  • wider bum but not quite as full so Brazilian widens the bum but doesn’t help with added fullness


Bandeau without Wires


Iris – Loves

Chris – Not so much


  • the fullness of my bust comes from the side and the bottom so the bandeau gently pushes my boob together creating the fullness drawing attention to my bust without it being too overwhelming, it also shows off my collar bone area


  • bandeau lacks shape and support, so for me, who has  more fullness on top and the centre part of my bust, the bandeau actually pushes them down creating no shape for my bust unless it is wired, in which case it will give the support required to lift and give shape to my boobs.




Iris and Chris – Loves

  • Although neither of us are tall but we are grateful to be gifted in the bust area.  So plunge is a great way to show off the girls.  If they are underwired or padded even better as it gives us better support and cleavage.


Side Ties


Iris and Chris – Loves

  • side ties allow for adjustment so it doesn’t cut into our muffin tops and because it’s so tiny on the side, it gives an illusion of longer legs from the side

So you see the importance of knowing your body? Even two people of similar heights and categorised in the same body shape group can still be so different!

Now, are you ready to get naked and REALLY get to know your body?

Yay for taking that step! Lets get started. 😉

1) Write your list – we are going to avoid any forms of negative, words like I don’t like or I hate are not welcome on this list. It doesn’t serve us in anyway, however be honest and be specific.

Here’s mine for reference 🙂


Parts of my body that can use a little more love

  • my height
  • my short waist
  • my boxed shaped rib cage
  • my wide hips

Parts I really love about my body

  • my collar bone area
  • my boobs
  • my bum
  • my legs

2) Identify your most loved areas, they generally are parts that become easy to      dress

Generally I really love my upper body, so this allows for a lot of different types of tops as long as they not too long, as anything too long will become part of my waist, which is an area I love the least.

3) Identifying least loved area makes the search much easier

My short waist

A very simple idea, anything this is stretched out longer will always look thinner correct? I know my waist is not like dough but visually the distance between the base of my rib cage to the top of my hip is very short, leaving very little room to ‘have a waist’. So in order for my waist to appear tiny (or to even have one) I would have to either

1) train my waist the old fashion way, in a corset (the idea is pushing your rib cage inwards to create a more dramatic hour glass shape which is not natural for ribs that aren’t build that way)

2) remove a couple pieces of ribs to elongate the distance from my ribs to hip


3) use fashion to my advantage to create a visual illusion

Since I am not so keen on 1 and 2, here’s an example of how 3 works!

4) Refer to generic guide and ‘mix n match’ to create optical illusion

What I need to do is create an illusion of a waist and in order to do that, I have to ‘stretch’ it with clothes, in this case swim suits.

  • Pick bottoms that sit low on the hips
    • tie sides are usually best as it is more giving and won’t cut in to the body to create the muffin top

Because of all the squats I am able to say my bum is a part of me that I love so I

  • Pick bottoms that doesn’t cover my whole bum e.g. Brazilians, Tanga or even Thongs

Have fun learning about your body and playing around with styles!

with love & quirks,

Iris and Chris xxx

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