Suit up for the summer, time for some swimwear shopping.

Now that we have talked  at bout the different body types and knowing your own body, time to do some shopping!

Few general tips when shopping for suits:


unlike clothes, DO smaller instead of larger as swimwear will get a little more loose in water.

DO be careful when it comes to white, especially when you have dark hair to avoid see through mishaps when you are in water.


DON’T be afraid to try on suits outside of your comfort zone, be bold and courageous with your colours and print! Even when you are certain on the styles that works best for you, it doesn’t have to stop you for being creative in other ways.

With so many swimwear brands and websites out there, it can get a bit overwhelming.  So here is a list of some brands that we love:

Hitting the high street ($-$$$)

Calzedonia – Calzedonia has been popping up everywhere in Hong Kong at the moment, which makes shopping for your swimwear that much easier.  With a wide range of different styles and prints, you are bound to find something you like.  ($$$)



H&M – Good old H&M, where you can maximise your budget and update your summer wardrobe.  There is a reason why H&M is as big as they are.  With plenty of styles to choose from and decent fit.  Surprisingly, quite durable too, I have a H&M bikini that have lasted me for over 6 years, not bad for a set that only cost me HK$129. ($)



OYSHO  – A great variety of different swimwear and beachwear at a great price point.  The last time I visited the store I came out with 3 new swimsuit.  I actually had to restrain myself from buying more. ($$)



Going independent ($$-$$$$$)

Kiini – If you love your colours and ethical fashion, Kiini is the brand for you.  Based on 8 different tops, bottoms and one piece with colours of the rainbow to choose from.   Great for those who loves to mix and match.


Made by Dawn – A playful and sweet collection for the avant-garde and fashionable you.  Dawns collection is very unique, it might not work for all body types, but definitely very instagramable.  ($$$$$)



Mint Escape – A new comer who just launched this year.  A simple concept of  pick and mix, with lovely tropical prints and plain colours, where you can create your ideal chic and classic look at three different price points: $99 USD, $109 USD and $119 USD.   ($$$)



Spoil me please ($$$$-$$$$$)

Agent Provocateur – As we both worked for this brand in the past, it is no wonder why AP made our list.   A brand where you embrace your sex appeal and flaunt your stuff.  The creative Director, Sarah Shotton is very curvy herself, so it comes as no surprise that her range is great for curvier women. ($$$$$)



L’Agent – The diffusion line of Agent Provocateur.  Even though it is more affordable than their main line, it can still be a bit steep for most people.  However the good news is, they do great Sales!  You can pick up a set of bikini for as low as £22 (approximately HK$220), rather than their full retail price £95 (approximately HK$940), so start you better get there fast before they run out of your size.  ($$$$)



Lisa Marie Fernandez – Classy and stylish, this brand is for the fashionistas.  Their swimwear is so chic that you can easily double them as your resort outerwear wardrobe.  Exotic and flirty, I want all them! ($$$$$)




If you don’t have the patience to look through varies websites, here are some multi brand websites with a great swimwear collections as well.

Asos – A great high street online multi store with their own line as well.  Great way to shop the  UK high street without the long haul flight.  ($-$$$)


Revolve – A US based online store for the mid to high end fashion.  Their swimwear collection are stylish and unique, with a wide range of styles. ($$$-$$$$$)



Last but not least Swimsuits for All, a great online location for the fuller figure. A great selection in lots of fun colours, solid or print. Even a special collaboration with supermodel Ashley Graham.



So now that we have shared some of our favourite brands, we would love to hear some of yours.  What is your go to swimwear brand for the summer?  Please leave us a comment to let us know so we can check them out too.

With love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx



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