DIY – Messaged sun hat

Message sun hats are very trendy at the moment and it is all over Instagram.  Even though you can buy ready made ones from the high street, it is sometimes nice to have your own personal touch.  Whether you are making it for yourself for your next holiday, or a gift to a friend, it is nice to know that some TLC has gone into the product.

So here is a DIY video of how to make your own.



Here is where you can buy the materials:


The hat I used in the video

A similar alternative to the one we used

Neutral straw hat with black ribbon

Unisex neutral straw hat with black ribbon

Something more colourful, pom pom hat

Neutral floppy hat with black braids

Neutral floppy hat with frayed edge

French Connection colour block oversized striped floppy straw beach hat


If you want to do mother and daughter combo here is one for kids:

Kid straw hat


Ribbons and strings: (US) (UK) (UK) (Japan & Singapore)


Tools & Supplies: (US) (UK) (UK) (Japan & Singapore)


If you don’t have time to make your own, here are some places where you can buy ready made ones.

High Street:



Aldo – “Girls Just want to have Sun” Sun hat

Asos – “Chase the Sun” Sun hat

Asos – “Vacay” sequins Sun hat

Forever 21 – “Aloha Beaches” Sun hat

Forever 21- “Eat, beach, sleep” Sun hat

Forever 21 – “Hello boys” Sun hat



Eugenia Kim – “Talk to the Sand” Sun hat

Eugenia Kim – “Greetings from…” Sun hat

Eugenia Kim – “Darling” Straw hat


If you want something personal, check out Etsy for Customised one.

If you make a messaged hat, please remember to tag us, we would love to see your creations.

With love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx



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