Girl Power

 Equs stands for the idea of equanimity; balance and equal. As women we’ve been fighting for our voice to be heard for years so we want to dedicate this month to share and empower through the voice of women!
Superhero comes in all shapes and sizes, you can impact a life through your voice no matter what role you play. Don’t shy away from who you are and how you can affect. There are no roles too small, we are unique and we are strong, let your voice be heard and lets support one another in light of our choices and our differences.

For both Chris and Iris, our mums and our aunts have been the bedrock of female love, strength and empowerment. Families are our immediate source of learning and we learn by doing and repeating; we are blessed to be given such resilient and rambunctious woman to follow and to lead.
You may be wondering why we say ‘to lead’? Well in the Eastern culture it is easy to fall into the pretence of straightly and blindly following our elders. However Chris and Iris were given the opportunity to learn from the Western culture as well; opening our eyes as well as our minds to a more challenged way of thinking. Understanding that knowledge, wisdom and love comes in and from all ages. Just like there are no restrictions in love, there’re also no rules in learning. If it stems from a place of love and empowerment, everyone is teacher and everyone can inspire like a SuperHero!
In our Instagram video we’ve also included Ellen, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, Alicia Keys, Michelle Yeong, Priyaka Chopra, Jessica Alba and Emma Watson as a few examples of women who’s constantly using their celebrity influence to impact and educate the world we live in.
If you are not aware of who these women are and what their causes are, here’s a few links that you can read up on these ladies!
  • UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014
  • Promotes girls’ education. She has been to Bangladesh and Zambia as part of her humanitarian efforts. She promotes fair trade, organic clothing and was an ambassador for Camfed International, which is a crusade to educate girls in rural Africa
The above women are just a small example of the leaders of our world, other amazing female entrepreneurs with a conscious mind includes the likes of Jessica Alba and her eco friendly, lifestyle company; The Honest Company, Alicia Silverstone‘s supplements My Kind Organics with Garden of Life , Olivia Wilde‘s Conscious Commerce who recently partnered with both H & M and sustainable e commerce store Modavanti (a company that first started on Indiegogo).
Truthfully there are so many impactful women out there that it would take a million blog post to talk about their accomplishments and continuous contributions to the world. Simply look at those around you, they may not be globally known celebrities or humanitarians but their efforts in doing their part and their hard work in leading an exemplified life does not go unnoticed.
We may not be world renowned humanitarians but the saying still holds truth today; every little bit counts. Even the smallest act of kindness and empower can cause an impact that could shake the earth.
So together let’s be those women, contribute in any scale, move with love and open our minds to more. Let’s inspire to leave the earth a better place than when it was handed to us.
with love, quirks & lots and lots of GIRL POWER,
Iris and Chris xxx

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