A Mother’s Choice – Louisa

Today is the birthday of my best friend, Louisa; the yin to my yang, my soul sister, the one that’s always been by my side supporting me and loving me.

A few weeks back I wrote a little excerpt about friendship, how a truly valuable friendship is not one that blindly supports you regardless of your choices in life but one that is there to help remind you to make the most appropriate and life fulfilling ones.

So I want to take this day to honor her choice to put her career aside and commit her life right now (since nothing is forever) to being a stay at home mum to her beautiful baby Adriana; my little princess spiritual godbaby.

One of the reasons why Chris and I decided to start Equs is to create a platform of love and support amongst women.

So one night when Louisa came to me in conversation about how something was said to her that made her feel like her value as a stay at home mum was less than, it really shocked me. It saddens me to think that the shaming culture amongst women does not seem to end. Even at motherhood, something so beautiful, loving and remarkable; yet we still seem to struggle to support the choices that others make.

Why is it that the choice of being a stay at home mum, seem to take value off of who you are as an individual?

It is never about which is greater or who ‘sacrificed’ more between working mums or stay at home mums; it has always been about appreciating what the others choices were.

‘Being a stay home mom is the most rewarding and exhausting thing I’ve ever done in my life. Your entire life revolves around other people and it’s a beautiful thing really. It shows you what’s important and what’s not. Leggings, hair buns, moisturizer, under eye bags, and bananas all embody what it is to be a mom.’ says Louisa

I am not yet a mother and I cannot wait until the day I am blessed with my own family and children; I do not know what my choices will be when the time comes but what I do know is that, the people I love will help prepare me for whatever I end up choosing, in the most loving and supportive manner.

with a heart so filled with love & some quirkiness,

Iris xxx

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