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One of the hardest challenge for a modern day yummy mummy is to balance between work and taking care of their child.  Some mothers chose to be a stay at home mum, some mothers chose to go straight back to work, and some wants something in-between.  All honourable choices, just what is suitable for you.

Today I would like to introduce a good friend of mine, Joey.  Who chose to do something in-between and started her own company with her husband Ingenious Baby, so she can work from home and can take care of her son at the same time.


About Ingenious Baby HK

Founded by Joey, Sam and their business partner MT in 2017. Ingenious Baby HK is a baby specialist online shop that brings worldwide innovative and unique baby products to Hong Kong.

Their mission is simple, to offer baby products with unique features that are not easily accessible to parents in Hong Kong.  All their products have special functions and the goal is to make young parent’s life easier.

Where did it all begin?

After having Jayden, we realised that every time we go out with him we had to prepare and bring so much things with us.  Take feeding for example, we had to take: the bottle, the formula, hot water and cold (boiled) water.  After that, we had to find a place to sit down, mix everything in the bottle before we can feed him.  So when we found the Mixie baby bottle, it helped us solve a lot of these problems.  It is perfect for busy parents, instead of having to carry 4 things with you on the go, all you need is the Mixie baby bottle and hot water.    Most of the time, you can ask for hot water as well in restaurants, so all you need to bring is the Mixie baby bottle.



After that we started to search for other useful products for busy parents and we noticed that a lot of these products aren’t available in Hong Kong and that is how it all started.


So who’s idea was it to start Ingenious Baby?

It was my idea initially, as I have always worked before having Jayden.  As much as I love being a mum, I wanted to continue working but still take care of Jayden at the same time.   So when we saw there is a gap in the market for these products, we thought it would be a good idea to bring these products to Hong Kong to help busy parents.


So how did you discover these products if they are not sold in Hong Kong?  Did you buy them for Jayden (their son) first?  

We looked into these products because of our experience with Jayden.  We tried every product on Jayden and our partners son, Rex, who is a little younger so that we can be sure the product that we represents in Hong Kong are useful and solve real life day to day problem for parents.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 4.40.08 pm

Take our mitts for example, Jayden used to suffered from eczema, like a lot of babies.  We use to put normal mittens on him to stop him from scratching himself, but they will always fall off.  With the design of our mitts, they stay on no matter how much the baby fidgets with them.  This will give parents a peace of mind and not worry about missing mittens and free them up to do other stuff.


For working parents, which products would you say is most helpful to them?


I would say the Babyglow sleep suit and the Fever Scout.

A lot of working parents would rather leave their baby with the grandparents rather than just their helper during the day and the Babyglow sleep suit is great for that. A lot of Chinese grandparents are always worried that the baby will get cold, so they tend to overdress the baby, which can actually be dangerous as it can over heat the baby and increase the chance of cot death.

With the Babyglow sleep suit it will let you know when the child is getting too hot.  The sleepwear will start to turn white when the body temperature rises above 37°c and become fully white over 38.5°c which is when a fever can be dangerous to babies.

If you would like to know more about the product, please watch the clip below:





Fever Scout is great for tech savvy parents.  When your baby have fever and you still need to go to work, you are worried and would want to know an update about your child – with Fever Scout you can.  Simply stick the soft Fever Scout under your child’s armpit and it will continuously measure your child’s temperature and send it directly to your phone or your tablet.  So even if you are leaving your child with your helper, it will give you a peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about the product, please watch the clip below:


To some people it must be a dream to work with your spouse.  How is it in reality to work with your husband?  Is it easier or harder working together because you are married?

Yes and No –  It is nice to work with your husband because you can spend more time together, you have a good understanding of each other and you work towards the same goal.

However it is also hard because your relationship changes a bit because it involves business.  For example, we are used to talking to each other as a couple, but when we talk about work, we are a lot more straight forward and to the point.  So it took sometime to get used to and separate between work life and our private life.


What would your advice be for other couples if they want to start their own business?

I would say the best advice is to be patient with each other and set a time to stop talking about work.  Learn how to switch off and separate between work and personal life.  If not, work will just take over and you will no longer have a personal life.


To shop

So next time if you are shopping for baby shower gift or you are an expecting mum, you can check out their products on their online store  Good news to our readers, you can enjoy 15% off on all their products on their website.  Simply type in the promo code:  EQUS 15 when you check out.


Alternatively here is a list of their stockist:

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Hong Kong:
Bumps to Babes
Baby Power Shop


Thank you for reading our blog today, we would love to hear your thoughts.  We hope to bring you more interesting articles about our East meets West world, so if you have any topics you want to know more about, please leave us a comment so we can write about it.

with love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx




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