Tippling Club – Singapore

Birthday, it’s a rather interesting time of the year. Especially the last few years for me, it was no longer just smooth sailing, party fun, mindlessness and drunken laughters. The best way to describe it is, that it very much replicated, life. With a little bit of ups and a little bit of downs.

Moments where growth needed to happen and lessons needed to be learnt and between these moments and lessons, I decided that to show myself the love that I deserve, the love that we are all entitled to have and feel. I took myself out to dinner.

A time to be on my own, to dress up and commit to loving myself fully, the good and the ‘work in progress’ (it’s not bad, it’s just the work in progress).

Tippling Club


38 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 088461, Singapore

T: +65 6475 2217


Tasting Menus

Classic Menu – $170++

Classic Menu with Wine Pairing – $275++

Gourmand Menu – $270++

Gourmand Menu with Wine Pairing – $430++

Lunch Menu

2 Course – $46++

3 Course – $60++



The Outside


The lighting is dim and warm, definitely a cozy romantic but slightly more lay back vibe. My immediate feeling that I picked up from the restaurant reminded me of a sweet nordic Michelin star restaurant I went to. It didn’t feel pretentious and it didn’t really feel like I was in Singapore. The open kitchen concept allow for full transparency and rather exciting when you are sat at the bar, watching the chefs prepare your dinner right in front of you.

It was so lovely seeing the precision and care each chefs took to every dish!

The Restaurant


Tippling Club is separated into the bar side and the restaurant side. The crowd is generally early 30s and above. The Bar was named number 31 on the list of World’s Best Bars 2017 and number 11 on the list of Asia’s Best Bars 2017.

You can see the full list here – The World’s 50 Best Bar

img_2858  img_2861

The cocktail menu were printed on little black strips placed in a cocktail strainer, with the name of the drink on one side, details of it on the other, each with a unique scent sprayed on it.

I personally had the Earl Grey and the Campfire, I loved them both equally. Ok maybe the Campfire a little more because it was the best toasted marshmallow I’ve ever had.


It’s a longer dinner than usual, the classic tasting menu takes approximately 2+ hours and the gourmand menu taking close to 3+ hours.
The portions are a very good size, considering the amount of courses you will be having.

I think it’s great for a single person dining or a group dining experience. It is definitely a place to go with your fellow food lovers, people that are adventurous and not particularly picky with their food, as the tasting menu is fixed and changes made would affect the food chemistry (my words but I have a feeling the chefs might agree). With exceptions to food allergies of course.



The chefs were all very friendly and it was obvious how passionate they were about their craft, they explained every dish in detailed and greeted me with such kindness and care every time. Perhaps because it was a Monday night, the restaurant felt a little under staffed.

Manager Fabian was very attentive (even though he was very busy), he offered me magazines and iPad which I kindly refused as I wanted to celebrate the night with me mindfully. Fabian also called me a taxi at the end of the night as the storm was quickening in.


I loved the drinks and I’m definitely keen to try a few more of the other. I did love the restaurant but definitely can’t be a frequent visitor because of the price point. Perhaps a lunch every now and then or another special occasion when the menu changes.


Food: 4.5/5   Decor: 4.5/5   Restroom: 4/5    Service: 4.5/5     

with love & quirks,

Iris & Chris xxx

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