Luxury island get away, Cape Kudu – Koh Yao Noi

When you live in concrete jungle, it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle sometimes.  So for my hubby’s birthday this year, we decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing holiday.   We discovered this little haven, a small luxury hotel called Cape Kudu.

Where We Went:  Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

When We Went:  October 2017


Cape Kudu is on a little island in Thailand called Koh Yao Noi.  Koh Yao Noi has a tight-knit muslim community and is one of the main island in the Ko Yao Phang Nga Bay archipelago, between Phuket and Krabi.   You can get there via Speedboat (30 mins) or long tail boat (45mins) from Phuket.

The island itself is very small and charming, but there are not that many “touristic” spots.  So if you are looking to see big buddhas or temples, this is not the island for you.  Koh Yao Noi is the perfect combination between modern comfort and nature.  As this island is relatively untouched, you really get a sense of what island life is like.  There is one 7Eleven, one market and one main road which goes around the island.   Most of the businesses here are hotels and lodgings or local businesses selling souvenirs or gasoline.  You can easily go around the whole island on the bike in one day.


Where We Stayed: Cape Kudu Hotel


General Overview:

Location 3.5 stars The hotel is about 20 mins from the pier and right by the beach.  However due to the way the island’s road is constructed, there is a road between the hotel and the beach.  Even though it isn’t a busy road, it isn’t one of those hotels that has its own stretch of private beach.

They do have a small man-made beach with sun beds and a swing.

Cleanliness 5 stars Very Clean as far as we can see.
Hotel Decor 5 stars This is one of my favourite feature of the hotel.  It is a mixture of European coastal chic in an exotic island in Thailand.
Room Décor 5 stars We stayed in a private pool villa with a sea view.  The room is a good size, with a little sofa area and outdoor deck by the pool.

The whitewashed decor, with a colour pallet of mint, blue, grey and white is just like a page out of House & Garden magazine.

Bathroom 4.5 stars Contemporary, clean, big and bright.  It has a bath and a separate shower.  The only thing I will say is not enough hooks or rails to put towels.
Pool 4.5 stars The pool is a good size with a shallower children’s pool on the side.  Even though the hotel is on the side of the road, when you are in the pool, all you can see is greenery and the sea.
Spa N/A As this hotel is still at it’s soft opening stage, the spa is not ready yet.  However the hotel can organise masseuse to come to your room for a massage.

The Spa should be open by the end of November.

Staff 5 stars One of the best services I have ever had, special thanks to their guest relationship officer, Kevin Gendre.

The staffs are very friendly and helpful.  Some of the local staff’s english is a bit of a hit and miss, however that is normal in South East Asian countries.

Value for Money 5 stars If I have to sum this hotel up in one word, it will have to be instagrammable.  It is such a cosy hotel and it felt like home away from home.  I would happily stay at Cape Kudu again.

Pool area


Why we chose Cape Kudu:

We chose to stay at Cape Kudu because it is new and it is a small luxury hotel under a respectable hotel chain.  We stayed in one of the Cape Hotel Collection before, so we know the service and hotel will be at a certain standard.  Another good thing with small luxury hotels is that it is more cozy and you have more personal relationship with the staff.

All about the details:



One thing I love about this hotel is the attention to detail in their decorations, and it is no surprised that it is designed by a women, Waew (aka Tirawan Pangsrivongse) the daughter of the Cape Hotel Collection.

Not only are they well designed, but I love how attentive they are.  There is a pillow menu to ensure that you have a good night sleep, baby sitting services (THB 350-500) so parents can have some alone time and if you want to travel in style, you can even rent a 1963 vintage convertible Porsche Speedster for the day.  (Half day rental is THB 5’000 and full day rental is THB 8’000.-)

Outside Cape Kudu with the vintage Porsche
Wearing: Dress – Massimo Dutti, Sunglasses – Gucci, Watch – Rolex, Bracelet – Monica Vinader

Their rooms:

I was lucky enough to be shown around the different types of room Cape Kudu have to offer and I can honestly say they are all beautiful decorated and I would be happy to stay in any of them.

Private Pool Villa

Every room have different things to offer.  We stayed in a pool villa, so we had a lovely little pool to ourselves and a very comfortable four poster bed.  As it is an individual villa, we had a lot of natural light, space and privacy.

If you want a room with a view up high, I would suggest their Deluxe Rooms.  The highest floor is the 3rd floor, and you can see the whole of the hotel grounds with a beautiful sea view.   These rooms have their own balcony and sitting hammock.

Cape Kudu Hotel-Robinson Crusoe_03

Last but not least their Robinson Crusoe suit.  This is their most deluxe suit in the hotel, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit the room as someone was staying there, but I know it is on the 3rd floor with a Jacuzzi on the balcony and a separate living room and a walk in wardrobe.


Must try restaurants:


Fresh seafood by the pier – Pradu Seafood – Overall – 5 stars


Location   5 stars This is the first restaurant as you approach the pier.
Address  Tha Ton To Pier
Price $$-$$$
Ambience  5 stars
Quality of food  5 stars
Value for Money  5 stars

Why We Love It

You cannot get fresher seafood than this, what they serve is what the local fisherman catch that day.  You get a lovely view of the sea and dining on top of water during high tide.  During low tide, all you will see is wet sand and the sea at a distance.  I wish we had more time so we can go back again and tried more dishes, but the fried prawns with tamarind sauce, barbecue prawns and stir fired morning glory with chilli and fish sauce was delicious!


East and West – Hornbill – Overall  –  4.5 stars


Location 4.5 stars
Address Cape Kudu, 25/54-55 Moo 5, Ko Yao Noi 82160, Thailand
Price $$$-$$$$
Ambience  5 stars
Quality of food  4 stars
Value for Money  5 stars

Why We Love It

Hornbill is Cape Kudu restaurant but it is also open to the public.  So even if you are not staying in Cape Kudu, you can still enjoy their delicious food.  What I love about Hornbill is their wide variety of Western and Eastern menu.  So if you are sick of Thai food and want to mix it up, they have a very good selection of western food too.

I would highly recommend their Southern Crab curry with rice noodle and Suspiciously Delicious Squid soup, it has officially became my new favourite Thai dishes.


Place worth visiting:

The island looks completely different when it is high tide and low tide.  So I would suggest planning where you want to go depending on the tide during the day.

During high tide you can go visit:

  • The Holy Spring
  • The Mangrove Forest on the West coast
  • Go on a boat trip
  • Tha Ton Do Pier

During low tide you can go visit:

  • The beaches, when the tide is low you can walk to near by small islands
  • The mini waterfall (it is very small, but cute)
  • Cooking Classes
  • Yoga lessons
  • Muay Thai lessons
  • Or simply relaxing in your hotel


A drink with a view – Rice Paddy4 stars


Location  5 stars
Address 50/4 Moo 5, Ko Yao Noi 82160, Thailand
Price $$-$$$
Ambience  5 stars
Quality of food  3.5 stars
Value for Money  4 stars


Why We Love It

Rice Paddy is right on the top of the hill, so you get a magnificent view of the island and the sea.  I would highly recommend going there to view the sunset, the view is just breathtaking.

The restaurant itself is charming, but I would probably just go there for drinks and not for their food.  We only ordered some spring rolls, but it wasn’t great.  However I would definitely go there again for the view.

For those who are not very confident on a bike or scooter, take a taxi there as the hill is very steep.  We had to hold our breath as we were going down hill.



Boat Trips 5 stars

Boat Trip

There are various boat trips you can take, the one we went on, which I would highly recommend, is the 6 hours boat tour to go around Phang Nga Bay.  You will see the local gypsy floating village, Panyee Village, James Bond Island and the Mangrove Cave and more.  If you want to do some kayaking that can also be arrange, just speak to the hotel or the local tours.

Useful tip : Talk to the hotel event manager or tour guides on the island about the itinerary, as the guys on the boat have very limited English.  Most of the time we had to communicate via hand language.

Don’t wear shoes when you are going in the caves, bare foot is the way to go.  I made that mistake when I went into the first cave.  Not only did I ruin my trainers, but it was actually less slippery on barefoot.

Instagrammable spots:

Shot in the field
Wearing: Jumpsuit – C/Meo, Bag – Hertermss, Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs

Honestly, this whole island is very instagrammable, Iris would agree because I messaged multiple times telling her about it and how I wish she could have been there with me.  Throughout our whole trip, all I can think of is the amount of photoshoot spot there is on this island.  The good thing is, as this island isn’t very populated, you can easily stop on the side of the road, go into the woods or field and have a mini photoshoot without anyone around.


Cafe Kantary 4 stars


Location  4.5 stars
Address 25/54-55 Moo 5, Ko Yao Noi 82160, Thailand
Price $$-$$$
Ambience  5 stars
Quality of food  4 stars
Value for Money  5 stars

Why We Love It

A cute little coastal coffee shop by Cape Kudu.  Decorated in the same style as the hotel, there is no wonder why Cafe Kantary made the list.  Even though the building is owned by the hotel it is run by a different team.

They have a good ice cream selection and they have an interesting fusion menu.  I tried the Thai crepe with spicy minced chicken, which was actually very tasty.


The Rest Calm

We didn’t actually eat or drink here, but we went past this little cafe and it is just too cute. Right on the Tha Ton To Pier, this cafe over looks the seas and it is the perfect spot to just relax and chill out.

All the seatings are on the floor and there is even a hammock in the middle of the cafe.  From the looks of the menu they mainly serve tea and coffee with Italian food.


The Island Hideout


We didn’t officially made it to the Island Hideout, as the road was too bumpy and we weren’t confident enough to go up there with our scooter.   So if you decide to stay there or visit, I would highly recommend taking a taxi.

From what we do know is, it is an eco-friendly hotel up in the hills with magnificent views.  It was such a shame that we didn’t have time to go back.  We were told to bring a swimsuit when you do go, as you can use their pool even if you are just having a drink there.


Useful tips:

Rent a scooter – if you don’t want to splash out and rent the vintage Porsche, I would highly recommend to rent a bike or scooter for the day.   What I loved about renting a scooter for the day is that we can stop whenever we want.  As the island isn’t very busy, there are hardly any cars, so most of the time you have to whole road all to yourself.

When you do stop though, please park in the shade.  The sun is so strong that even 3 minutes in the sun, your seat will be roasting by the time you get back.

What I will suggest though is wear long sleeves, trousers and a hat.  The first day we rented the scooter we wore sleeveless top and shorts, both my husband and I got pretty burnt even with a lot of sun screens.


Must bring items:



Sun Hats or Caps – especially if you are going to be on a bike or scooter.


Instagram wardrobe – if you have the space, bring lots of outfit change.

Backpack – very useful when you are on the bike or scooter.

Sun Screen

Mosquito repellant


Thank you for reading about our island escape in Koh Yao Noi.  We hope that this will be useful for your next trip in Thailand.  If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and will answer you as soon as we can.


With love & quirks,


Chris xxx


Cape Kudu entertainment room
Wearing: Dress- Elliatt, Bracelete – Monica Vinader, Bag – Hertermss

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