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Transitioning from Acting, being my own boss and creating my own hours to having a 9:00 am to 6:00 pm job, has been quite a big change. I would even go as far as saying it feels like a bigger change than moving to a new country.

Not being able to create my own hours means that I can no longer travel wherever I want and when I want. Trust me, I am always envious of all the fun and beautiful places Chris gets to travel to.

With so many weddings to attend to in the near horizon and no upcoming holiday plans, I thought what would be better than sharing with you some of my favourite beauty and wellness places here in Singapore! (I am still slowly discovering them through my weekend exploration ;P)


Location: 6A Shenton Way, #03-17 OUE Downtown Gallery 2, 068815


Flutters 1                          Flutters 2

This is where I get my eye lash extensions and my nails done. Like Chris would always say, it’s so instagrammable!

Even as you walk past the outside, you just can’t help but stop to take a peak. It’s perfectly on trend with the pastel decor. Simple, chic with a slight feminine touch. The neon sign perfectly captures your attention.


Flutters 3

At flutters they offer beautiful nail arts and an array of different options of lashes. From the big doll eye look, to the sexy sultry seductress. Everything is customisable, from the style, the thickness of lashes, to the curl and the length. You are bound to find something perfect for your eyes and perfect for your occasion.

I am simply addicted to it! This is definitely the only beauty practice I stick to. Why? Because once I have my lashes done, that means no makeup is required anymore, perfect for the lazy girl in me.

Naturally lazy, clumsy me is not nearly as good with my nails. I try to push myself to get my nails done every few months. Majority of the time, I just make sure my mani is clean and neutral because the upkeep is way too much of a hassle. Flutters is great for something like that. Especially when you are in a rush for time, book your appointment early and get your nails done the same time you do your lashes! In and out in a jiffy!


  • the results
  • how sweet, nice and professional the staffs are
  • the entire atmosphere
  • the location

Don’t love…

Nothing really. Of course I would wish the price was a little cheaper 😛


  • try a few style for your lashes to find the one most suited for you
  • be patient with the booking process as a lot of the girls there don’t speak very good English

Eyelash Extensions 

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.52.03 PM

Prices Ranges from SGD 65.00 – SGD 155.00


Prices Ranges from SGD

Packages are available for purchases. I myself is a package holder to their lash extensions. 🙂

Their Instagram at Fluttserssg

Mi the Salon

Location: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #03-19


Mi the Salon houses a large team of stylist, all specialises in colouring. However, personally I am a lazy girl who wants all the beauty perks and none of the work. So naturally Mi the Salon and I are not a match in terms of colouring, as a lot of the colour work done at the salon requires heavy maintenance.

What does a lazy girl like me enjoy? Doing my colour once in a blue moon and having it last a life time (well 6 months at least) without any extra work. I haven’t yet found the stylist who’s is able to do that for me here but during my last visit at Mi the Salon, I did discover their hair treatment.

Price: $198.00 each session, Packaged at $688.00 for 3 sessions or $1,588.00 for 8 sessions

Very pricey I must say but every now and then a little splurge for healthy hair seems worth it to me to achieve that effortless healthy shinny hair!

Their Instagram at mithesalon


  • that the staffs are so friendly
  • the way my hair feels after

Don’t love….

  • the lack of attention they give you when they get busy
  • the way they pack the salon with lots of customers in the weekend
  • the price so much


Cru Cycle – a spin on spin class

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-08 at 5.01.37 PM

Moving from Los Angeles, I was well aware of the spin trend of Soul Cycle and was sure the wave would hit Asia in no time. So it was no surprised when I was told about the cult following of Cru Cycle.

The classes are well organised and the coaches are wonderfully motivating. A great class for people like me, who dreads working out. In the environment of a pack in the dark, there’s no pressure to compete or to ‘look good’, you are able to fully immerse yourself in the experience of you. You commit and push yourself at the level that you are able to. As you ride away to the sound of the music and your instructors motivation, the time simply flies by.

I am a frequent Cru member and would highly recommend it.


  • having class in a dimly lit room
  • the great ventilation
  • that they offer showers even at such a small studio space
  • that it’s located in such a hip neighbourhood
  • that they are so friendly and high energy, from front dest staff to instructors

Don’t love….

  • nothing really


  • book your classes well ahead of time
  • buy more packages during promotion time if you can and you know you can commit
  • make sure to be on time because they have a no entry after 5 mins policy


SGD 50.00 for 2 classes as trial

there after SGD 40.00 per class or packages are available 

Their Instagram at Crucycle


We Barre

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-02 at 2.26.08 PM

Barre class, another fitness trend that I’ve heard of during my time in LA and it’s slowly becoming the next big fitness craze in Asia. If pilates, yoga and ballet decided to have a baby; we have barre.

We Barre is the first barre studio in Singapore with two separate studio located in the two hottest, young and hip area of Singapore; Tanjong Pagar and Taloek Ayer.

I would say depending on the instructor you get, it could be the most painful workout. Well at least I could say it was for me. With ample amount of leg, bums and tums, it almost felt like I was taken to a legs, bums and tums class, with a lot of ‘balletesque’ graceful movement in between.

Love …

  • that they offer Barre Parties
  • that they offer Pre Natal/ Mums and Bubs classes
  • their convenient locations
  • their 7 day trail class package
  • the staffs and instructors are all super nice and friendly

Don’t love…

  • my personal lack of fitness ability ;p haha


  • book your class ahead of time as class numbers are small and spaces are limited
  • start with a fundamental class
  • make sure to be on time because they have a no entry after 5 mins policy



7 day trial – SGD 49.00

Single class – SGD 38.00

Packages available

Their Instagram at webarre


Kadampa Meditation Centre


Meditation is something that I only started getting into 2 years ago. It is something that I shamefully fall in and out of practice with. However whenever I am in diligent practice, I do notice a sufficient affect on my heart and soul which in turn affect my day to day reaction with people around me and the way I feel. It is truly a practice for beauty inside and out.

My first time attending a meditation class was on my solo trip in NYC, where I stumbled across MNDFL, a modern take of meditation founded by Buddhist and writer Lordo Rinzler and Ellie Burrows.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 5.20.12 PM

Unlike MNDFL, Kadampa meditation centre here in Singapore is rather different. At MNDFL, the centre itself feels very neutral to religion although the meditation practice stems from Buddhism and Hinduism, the centre is minimally decorated with white and green for a very clean and natural look.

However Kadampa meditation centre is very predominately a Buddhist practicing centre; still centres around the idea of love, kindness and compassion. There’s an entire section with books on Buddihism as well as meditation. The meditation itself is as most guided meditation, each session is based on a theme as to cater to your needs. They offer both courses and drop in, so drop in one night after work or over the weekend and experience for yourself!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking into some of my beauty and wellness discovery here in Singapore! If you have some favourites that you’d like to share, please comment below! I am always keen to try out new places. 🙂

with love & quirks,




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