My Work as a Sales Executive

If you’ve been following our journey here at Equs then you would have probably figured out by now that I am quite the spontaneous soul. I like talking to strangers, I like offering a helping hand wherever and whenever possible even if it’s going out of my own ways, and sometimes; every now and then I like to do the unordinary. So naturally when the opportunity to move to Singapore to take on a career I never envisioned myself doing, I figured why not!

A sales executive at T The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore.

T The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore, the very first issue launched this year in March. It is a monthly lifestyle and culture magazine. It is part of The New York Times family but 70% of the content itself is created entirely by a different team based here in Singapore with 30% of it curated from other T ‘family’.

T Singapore is a licensee under The New York Times. What that means is although content are created locally under the vision of our local editor in chief, we are to comply by a strict guideline to uphold to title’s brand image.

Here’s a list of the different roles within our company

  • Editor in chief
  • Executive Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Fashion Director
  • Features & Beauty Editor
  • Writer
  • Contributing Sub- editor
  • Digital Editor
  • Digital Writer
  • Social Media and Project Specialist
  • Art Director
  • Designer
  • General Sales Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Executive
  • Senior Admin Executive


Fashion Design, Acting and now a Sales Executive. What does a Sales Executive entails, well sales. Selling of advertisements and creative content creation. With technology being the wave of the future and digital magazines being so prominent in the market, does print still have a future? Well I am a traditionalist and as much as I embrace new changes, I will always prefer a book over my kindle (sorry kindle). So equally when it comes to magazines I think it’s equally important to have print as well as digital.

T Singapore is one of the few new magazines that still insist on having a print version on top of it successful digital platform and it’s my job to connect my client to the best form of marketing within T Magazine. So for some it maybe a print ad, a DPS (double page spread), a FPFC (full page full colour) and for some it maybe a 30 – 45 seconds original video content created by our in-house creative team.

Like this video we did in collaboration for Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Martini Bar. Grand Hyatt being our client, wanted to let the public know that the Martini Bar has now reopened after recent renovations, so in collaboration with a local KOL – Key Opinion Leader otherwise known as Social Influencer, T Singapore created an original video for our digital platform and social media platform.


How to make a perfect martini with Grand Hyatt’s head bartender Diaz Lim

Depending on the clients needs and budget, we will propose different packages that are most suited for each campaign. The combinations are endless, it can be a micro site or  an advertorial combined with video content or even a collaborated event.

The Michael Kors event was an example of a T Magazine x Michael Kors event, where styling sessions were held to share with our guests the newest MK fall and winter collection. An exclusive invite only shopping experience for a night of canapés and drinks sponsored by Remy Martin.

It’s been 5 months since I’ve embarked on this journey as a sales executive, the  big adjustment from acting would be the fixed work hours and having to answer to a boss other than myself but the positive side of it is that it provides a routine and stability that acting doesn’t allow for. It is a challenging career and great for people who strive for constant challenge; pushing themselves monthly to meet their set targets. The biggest challenge for me is adjusting to the big step down from the creative side of me and following a more structural work operation.

As every journey and interaction is a lesson, I am excited to continue down this path and discover more about myself and what lies ahead. Be it in sales or any potential future career endeavour.

I hope you enjoyed this small snippet into my new work life, do leave us a comment with any thoughts of questions.

With love & quirks,

Iris xxx




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