Weekend in Shanghai

This year I finally managed to go to Shanghai to visit my Darling (my gay BFF, aka my gay husband.)  4 years after he has moved there.  It was a short but sweet trip to relive the good old days when we were living together in London and Beijing.

It was a jam packed scheduled, which I won’t expect anything less for my Duracell bunny Darling.  (Honest to god, I have no idea how this guy have so much energy.)  From a Kenzo fashion party right after I got off the plane and singing Karaoke till 1 a.m., to waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning so we can watch the sun rise at the Bun, it definitely felt like I was back in my 20s again.  Here are the high lights for my crazy weekend in Shanghai.



This is also our first every Vlog (Yay!) so we hope you guys like it.  If you have any suggestions how we can make it better, please do leave us a comment, as we would love to hear your thoughts.  (We are always happy to see how we can do better next time.)

With love & quirks,

Chris xxx



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