24 Hours in Hong Kong

Recently my friend Sarah from London came to Hong Kong for a 24 hour lay over before her flight to Hanoi.  As she has never been to Hong Kong before, I wanted to show her what Hong Kong had to offer in 24 hours.  So here is what we did:


11:25am – Sarah landed in Hong Kong

12:30pm – Picked Sarah Up from Kowloon Station

1:00pm – Dropped luggage back home and freshen up

2:00pm – Left the flat and taxi to Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour front to see the view and take photos.

edite IMG_1834

2:30pm – Took the Star Ferry to Central Pier


2:45pm – Arrived in Central Pier and walk towards IFC


3:10pm – Had a snack at Tasty Congee & Noodle Wonton Shop


4:00pm – Walked towards LKF to see Central during the day

4:30pm – Arrive at Peak Tram station and started to queue…..(Very long queue)

CP The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited

5:20pm – Finally arrive at the Peak


5:35pm – Explored the 3D Trick eye Museum and take lots of funny photos

6:07pm – Went outside to see the beautiful view of Hong Kong after dark


6:30pm – Took taxi back down to Central, as Tram queue was too long

7:00pm – Sat down for dinner at Yung Kee Restaurant


9:03 pm – Checking out LKF night life, first stop Al’s Dinner and vodka jelly shots

Vodka jelly shots

10:15pm – Change of venue, after some time on HK side, time to go check out Kowloon side, drinks on 118 floor Ozone.


11:30pm – Head home to sleep and rest up for the next day.



8:30am – Wake up and get ready for full day ahead.

9:45am – Head to Kowloon Station or in town check in.


10:15am – Head to Mong Kok to explore the more local side of Hong Kong.

10:30am – Grabbing some pineapple bun for breakfast.

10:35am – Continue exploring Mong Kok and wondering down different street and trying street food.

11:00am – head towards Tung Chung for Ngong Ping 360

11:45am – arrive in Tung Chung and start queuing for our tickets. *

12:15pm – finally manage to get our ticket and go on the cable car.

12:45pm – Arrived at Ngong Ping 360 and start wondering around the Ngong Ping village towards the big buddhah


1:05pm – Head up to the Big Buddha


1:30pm – Head to Po Lin Monastery and grab a quick vegetarian lunch.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

2:00pm – Start making our way back to the cable car.

2:15pm – Head back down to Tung Chung

2:45pm – Head towards the airport on MTR.

3:00pm – Say goodbye at Tsing Yi.


Useful tips:


Peak Tram

  • Pre-book tickets to the Peak Tram, we didn’t pre-book for this and we had to queue up for over an hour.  It is fine if you have lots of time to spare, but not so much when you only have 24 hours in Hong Kong.
  • Buy the package with the Sky Terrace 428 to get the best view of Hong Kong.
  • Go up there for the sunset and the night skyline view, Hong Kong is prettier at night.


Ngong Ping 360

  • Pre-book tickets to Ngong Ping 360 tickets online.  It will save you at least an hour or queuing in line.
  • Book the Crystal cabin both ways, you have to pay a little bit extra but it is worth it. Not only do you get the experience the glass floor cable car for a magnificent view, but there is also less of a queue.
  • The signage for Ngong Ping 360 isn’t great and the staff isn’t that useful either.  We actually stood in the wrong queue for 30 mins because the staff told us to stand in line for the wrong queue.  If I didn’t go to the front desk myself to find out, we would have easily wasted an hour standing in line.  If you are not sure, one of you should stand in line, whilst the other can find out if you are queuing up in the right queue.
  • Go early and make sure you have enough time up there.  There are actually a lot to see up there, if you want a leisure stroll and take lots of photos, you can easily spend half a day there.  It opens from 10am – 6pm, personally I think you need a minimum of 3 hours up there.


Mong Kok

  • Most stores and restaurant don’t open until 12pm, so to see more of Mong Kok, I will  go in the afternoon.



  • Central feel very different during the day and the night, so if you have time I will definitely go there twice to experience both.


Other things I wish I had time to do.  As timing was limited there are a few things that we didn’t get to do which I would also think it is worth doing:

  • Taking the tram in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay.
  • Seafood dinner at Sai Kung or Lamma Island.
  • Going on a hike, there are plenty of hiking trails in Hong Kong where you can see the other side of Hong Kong.
  • Go to Temple Street to have your fortune told.





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