About Us


Stands for EQ + us. – aequus


Latin: æquanimitas having an even mind; aequus even animus mind/soul


calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.


A travel and lifestyle blog by two worldly Chinese girls, living in Asia.  (Hong Kong and Singapore.)  Like most international Asians, we are influenced by both the east and the west.  With an eastern heritage and background but a western upbringing.  The idea of Eq:us is about our perspective in finding the balance in the modern day life, where the East meets the West; sharing with you our journey through the places we visit and our lives living between cultures.


How we met
Chris & Iris met at the design department at Agent Provocateur. Where their passion for lingerie quickly flourished into a lifelong friendship. A friendship closely resembles a sisterhood.  
Meet Iris
Iris was born in Hong Kong, spent most of her childhood between Hong Kong and Canada before moving abroad for her studies in Fashion and Acting in England and America. Her years in meeting new people and building new relationships; Iris finds herself drawn to discovering new cultures and understanding people’s differences and perspectives. Iris’ exposure to cultural diversity reaffirms her love and desire for continuous self growth and connection with people; understanding and inspiring self love, openness and positivity.
Graduated with a BA in Fashion Design and a MFA in the Performing Arts, it became prominent to Iris that arts and human connection is what drives her in life.  Having spent years between fashion and acting, she has recently moved into the field of publication with T Singapore The New York Times Style Magazine.
To read more about Iris, please go to This is me – Iris.

Meet Chris (aka Christine)
Born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, America and England, Chris is influenced by a combination of her Chinese descent, Western upbringing and worldly travels.  Educated at Central Saint Martins, London in Fashion design with marketing, she started her career working for various high profile fashion house such as Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen, Michiko Koshino and Roksanda, giving her a wealth of experience in fashion.
Christine is a freelance fashion & graphics designer and the founder and designer of Roxy Boxy, a design and events company.  Having been exposed to the world of art at a young age by her mother, Christine draws inspirations from different period of style in art and culture.  She is a strong advocate of self growth and always tries to do better.  To sharpen her skills in her crafts and being very hands on for all her projects.

To read more about Chris, please go to This is me – Chris.

Why we write

Chris and Iris loves to write about their love for fashion and travels, but they also love sharing more in depth parts of who they are and what they are passionate about. Especially in bringing awareness to causes they believe in, through photography and imagery.  
Sharing with their audience their perspective in which they are privileged enough to have the opportunities to be exposed to cultures that can be very different yet impactful in one’s upbringing and growth.
Human connection and understanding of different perspectives is what drove Iris to start this platform Eq.us. A platform that allows for openness and differences in opinions without judgment, where she can share her passion along with Chris. A best friend who’s also like a sister, someone who is always pushing her to be the best version of herself with the utmost support and love.

Chris is passionate about  photography and enjoys writing reviews, no matter if it is for restaurants on Openrice or places she has visited on Tripadvisors.  She believes in honest reviews so readers can have an unbiased opinion about places and experiences.